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FINDING THE GODDESS WITHIN... Empowering Young Women in their journey

        A residential Workshop for young women (aged 17-24) over three days. A journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

          Finding the Goddess Within is an invitation for young women to celebrate their feminine essence, relish their uniqueness as a woman, discover their inner power acting from a place of authenticity, pure confidence and self-esteem and open to love in their selves and others..

This workshop is based on empowering our young women to better understand their bodies and their ‘being’ as they learn to become embodied young women.

          Awaken to your power and beauty as a woman, experience more presence and confidence, free yourself from the belief that how you look is a measure of your self-worth.

When girls and young women are not given a full education in Sacred sexuality they can unconsciously absorb the sexual conditioning of their family, their peer groups, their society and the culture they grow up in. This leads to feelings of guilt, shame and uneasiness about their bodies and social attitudes and expectations that often repress rather than liberate the sensual freedom that is every woman’s birthright. Women need love and intimacy so that their hearts can open and flow energy downward into their body

This workshop offers a safe space where young women can release their fears and limiting beliefs that hold them back. It will be held in a safe women-only space with hot tub and sauna.

 The weekend will include discussion, movement, yoga, dance, breathwork, bodywork, meditation, art, journaling, and ceremony. Learn practices for beauty, openness, vitality and radiance.

Areas we will be exploring:

Chakra system and how to use chakras


Sacred Sexuality

The energy of kundalini

Rites of passage into womanhood

Intimacy/ sensuality

Polarity of man and woman

Yoni and heart Healing

Connecting with other young women

Loving/worshipping and accepting our body

Boundaries/Learning to say no

Attracting love

Opening to pleasure

Exploring senses as a doorway to freedom




Sexuality and nature

We hope to run this workshop in 2016 - details later.