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Roxana has experience in a wide variety of Healing arts and therapies. She has studied Tantra with Tantric Journeys, School of Awakening, Diamond Light Tantra and Transcendence. She runs a therapy practice in Kings Langley offering a supportive and safe environment in which to heal issues around the body, transforming fears and conditioning, so that there may be a return to the beauty and innocence inherent in ones true nature. She has facilitated groups to empower women and her passion is to support young people, especially young women to love and respect who they are.

Roxana’s background includes a degree in Fine art, she has a PGCE in Secondary school teaching as well as a degree in Youth work. Roxana is currently working part time for Hertfordshire Council as a Youth worker with young people aged 11 to 25, where she supports the local Youth Council, sessions for young carers and creative projects for young people with disabilities.

'As a young woman I used my sexuality to get the love I was seeking, inside I was numb and disconnected. I followed the calling to find something deeper and discovered the path of Tantra. After a long journey of healing the shame and the pain inside I began to feel safe to open to love and pleasure, I learnt how to genuinely give and receive and to respect myself and the choices I made. This journey led me to creatively combine all that I had learnt within unique treatments and workshops to empower young women.'

Facilitators for the Young Woman's Tantra Workshop

Teertha has trained in Tantra, Therapeutic Massage, Shamanic Healing, Bio-Energy Healing, Coaching and Dance. She offers sessions and workshops incorporating massage/body-work, coaching, energy healing, guided visualisation, breath-work, movement and creative expression to facilitate people to let go of the barriers they have been holding on all levels so they can discover and live their empowered authentic Divine expression. She also works with a project called Bliss Ireland where she offers Tantra workshops for men and women.

Teertha is a proud mother of her nine year old son who has been her most important teacher. She lives and practices in Ireland and the UK.

“My spiritual exploration began in my teens, however in my late teens I began suffering with depression due to uncertainty about myself and how my beliefs fit into the world. I began seeking meaning, purpose, and my personal passion. At times I felt dis-empowered and lacked self-esteem, so to feel better about myself I sometimes used my sexuality as a way of being accepted, approved of and desired. This led to a deeper embodiment of shame and guilt about expressing my sexuality; that it was something that should be hidden and not expressed. When I came across Tantra, I knew that I had found what I was looking for and what I would one day be teaching. It combined all the elements that felt the most important to me: awareness, consciousness, connection, healing, transformation, sexuality, intimacy, love, joy, and learning to be present with what "is".

Roxana and Teertha will be running a residential workshop on tantra for women aged 17 - 24 on 25th - 27th August at Sahaja near Salisbury.