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Transcendence Tantra Team

Cassandra Lorius MA, PGDip.

I started Transcendence in 1998 after training in tantra with various teachers in Nepal and UK since late 1980’s. I have worked as a psychotherapist and taught on counselling courses for over 30 years and am developing an approach which combines tantra and body and energy psychotherapy. A book, Tantric Psychotherapy, will be published next year. I have two sons in their 30’s. Later this year I will be running some tantra workshops in India and have a further chance to deepen my understanding of the tantric traditions of India.

Martin Jelfs BSc. MA, UKCP Reg. Psychotherapist

Cassandra Lorius trained with me in SkyDancing Tantra nearly 20 years ago and has authored several books on Tantric Sex.  She is a Sex and Relationship Therapist, Cassandra  trained at the Porterbrook (NHS) Clinic and works with couples and singles via Skype  at She is also a practising homeopath specialising in emotional and sexual healing.

Catherine Tye PgDip OSH

Catherine has studied and worked within health and wellbeing for over ten years including nursing, tantra kriya yoga, shamanism, massage therapy, intuitive healing and health & safety. For her, Tantra and energy healing offers a holistic approach enabling individuals and couples to develop compassion for themselves and others so they can live joyfully with a healthy mind, body, heart and soul.

I have been practising tantra for the last 14 years both with my partner and on my own and have found that the foundation of having tantra in our lives and relationships has been an amazing path to have had the honour to have found and walked for those years. Assisting on tantra workshops became a part of that journey. I am a Sexual Health Nurse working for the NHS and have done so for over 30 years dealing with all issues of sexual health and pregnancies and teach Natural Methods of Fertility Awareness also for the NHS. I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist. More recently I have trained in sound therapy using gongs and use these both therapeutically and for the pure pleasure of the sound and vibrations that they create for both individuals and groups. See

Sally Free

Claire Henley B Ed.  PG Dance and movement therapy studies Laban

I have been teaching for 25 years and involved in Tantric Massage for the past 5 years, in Salisbury and London. I also offer womb healings and blessings for women and moon blessings for men and have been experienced with Kundalini Reiki since 2006. In addition I also teach Qi Gong and have over 10 years experience facilitating  couples and groups through restorative healing sessions. I like to support couples going deeper  in love and rising in love, either through one to one sessions or group workshops. I will be running some tantra workshops with Martin in Hawaii and India in 2016.         See .