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This day workshop is for women who are ready to;

Tune into the Healing SOUNDS OF the UNIVERSE and FIND YOUR own unique VOICE.

Heal your Heart with Movement, breath and meditation to clear blockages and bring your voice from your centre through your open throat. Sally's powerful gongs will centre, awaken and help your chakras to open and balance, so that your energy flows  freely through your body.

 Cassandra Lorius and Sally Free are running this workshop for women, focusing on healing wounding around sexuality.

The workshop is experiential and uses movement, bioenergetic exercises, dance, breathing and visualisations to awaken your life force- the sexual energy in your sacrum and belly. We will focus on moving energy through blockages and healing emotional wounding.

The workshop offers practical tools for transforming emotional wounding and anxiety. It helps you to understand the effects of wounding on your body and how to help yourself move through fear and dissociation during intimate experiences. We will provide a homework sheet with practices to follow after the workshop.

There will also be some sharing in pairs and in the group. Most of the exercises will be solo, individually while in the group. The day does not involve nudity or sexual touch, but please wear loose clothes as we will work with movement and energy. The group will be limited to 12 women. During the lunch break you may wish to use the hot tub, journal in the Garden, or dance in our Temple.

Cassandra Lorius is a fully NHS trained sex and relationship therapist, and has been involved in Tantra for many years.  Tantra is a sacred tradition originating in India that honours female genitals as the sacred space, or Yoni. Cassandra has written a number of books on sexuality, most recently How to Find Your Orgasm for women, and How to Help Your Woman Find Her Orgasm for partners. Further information is available at

Sally Free is  a Sexual Health Nurse working for the NHS and have done so for over 30 years dealing with all issues of sexual health and pregnancies and teach Natural Methods of Fertility Awareness also for the NHS. She is am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and has trained in sound healing using gongs. Further information at

Dates to be arranged

Martin will be available for sessions before or after the workshop.

You can catch a train at 8.50am train from London Waterloo to be met at the station in Salisbury and be back for the 7.26pm train to London, or choose to stay overnight in our temple or yurt - to rest and rejuvenate in our healing hot-tub and sauna and have breakfast next day.

Cost £90 or £75 concessions and stay overnight for a further £25

For Individual Sessions with Martin see and with Cassandra see

Women’s  Healing Day Workshops and Sessions