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Tantric Massage for Lovers

Transform your sexual passion into orgasmic energy.

We lead you through a weekend of Tantric Massage for couples to learn how to expand sexual energy into full body orgasm. This is a key part of the practice of Tantric sex, and is one of the foundational practices for a Tantric relationship. It is a great adjunct to the Couples training. This weekend is for couples only and will teach you techniques to deepen and expand your sexual practise.

In an atmosphere of sacred sexuality you will each honour the body of your Beloved, deepening your sexual relationship.

You will experience your body as an energy body and create an expanded orgasm

You will cultivate sexual aliveness and learn how to move it through your body

Expand orgasmic energy

The Big Draw - transforming the surge to ejaculate

Learn to create a wave of energy

How to ride the waves

How to ride your partner's energy

This is an intensive weekend which gives you the practical tools for transforming your sexual relationship and gives you an experience of Tantric energy orgasm. Tantric energy orgasm adds a huge dimension to your experience of sex and is the basis for erotic trance, extended orgasm and the Tantric valley orgasms that that are characterised by multiple orgasms for women and men and blissful states of eroticism.

For individual tantric massage sessions or personal experience call Martin on 07973 504121 Click Here.

Tantric Massage for Lovers is for couples to deepen intimacy and connection. Tantric Healing Massage is a workshop for singles, couples with sexual challenges such as orgasm issues or low desire, and massage practitioners wanting to explore the area of Tantric massage. There is more emphasis on sexual healing as well as sexual pleasure and on surrender to erotic trance - the basis of whole body orgasm.