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Tantric Healing Massage

Massage is a dance of energy, a joint meditation through touch. In this workshop you will experience sensitive touch and massage to expand and free energy over the whole body. Awakening sexual energy and moving through energetic blocks in the body you will surrender to an erotic trance state - which is an altered state of consciousness beyond time and place - and a taste of Tantric bliss.

You may come as a couple who work only together over the whole weekend, or as a single bringing a partner with you where you will work together and possibly change and work with others. Practitioners can deepen their expertise and explore working safely with sexual energy.

Some familiarity with massage or tantric massage is required for this workshop. The material taught and demonstrated will draw on Martin’s 35 years experience as a body psychotherapist and his 20 year experience practicing tantric massage for healing and trauma release and his recent work with Nityama.

What will this training do for me?

Increase confidence with touch as a form of communication.

Integrate sexuality and genitals into the whole being.

Experience the sacredness of the body through touch.

Discover practical methods to connect and move energy.

Learn to awaken and transform sexual energy.

Create healing and sexual aliveness.

Find out how trauma is held and released from the body.

Feel comfortable when a partner is experiencing release from trauma.

In this training you will learn to:

Give and receive a whole body tantric massage.

Centre yourself and use the massage as a meditation.

Surrender to the energy of receiving.

Integrate sexual energy into an erotic experience.

Facilitate surrender to an erotic trance state.

Channel erotic energy to create a taste of bliss.

Practice basic yoni and lingam healing massage.

Support the receiver with whatever emerges.

There will be written teaching material and a certificate of attendance can be given.



Tantric Healing Massage is a workshop for singles, couples with sexual challenges such as orgasm issues or low desire, and massage practitioners wanting to explore the area of Tantric massage. There is more emphasis on sexual healing as well as sexual pleasure and on surrender to erotic trance - the basis of whole body orgasm. For individual tantric massage sessions or tantric experience call Martin on 07973 504121.  Click Here or see