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This workshop will provide a taste of our approach to tantra for people new to tantra as well as those who are already on their tantric journey. It gives a taste of Transcendence’s approach to tantra. We will use methods from tantra-yoga, mantras, breathwork , movement and ritual to give you more than a taste; a feast of tantra!

You will learn to:

Use yoga asanas as a meditation to deepen your relaxation into your body and your true nature,

transmute raw sexual energy into a refined expression of Love

be in total harmony with all that is, ie just to be in the moment

Experience satchitananda ; being or truth, consciousness and bliss

meet each other as Divine beings; Gods and Goddesses (Shivas and Shaktis)

Transcendence is committed to making tantric teachings available as cheaply as possible so our unique workshops are held at our purpose built Tantric Temple and our home where we offer a warm and safe environment.

The group size is kept small, to enable us to provide these personalised workshops which include specially tailored meditations and exercises for each individual so they progress at their own rate.

Our workshop gives a direct experience of tantra, tantra-yoga and tantric energy in a fun and safe way.

Balancing male and female energies within ourselves.

Unify your sexual and spiritual self

Discover practical methods to connect, heal and transform, to use at home.

Enhance love and fulfilment in your relationships and life.

Blossom and express your authentic self,

Develop the skills necessary; thus enabling you to re-pattern and recreate your life

Realise your unique enlightenment path/process.

A Taste of Real Tantra-Yoga