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Tantraworks is a large site by the tantra authority Nik Douglas. It has excellent well-researched articles and a lot on tantric art. It is at

A site with a large number of papers on tantra translated from Sanskrit is the Hindu Tantrik Site by Mike Magee with many good and scholarly articles including lots on the Nath tradition.

The is a wonderful range of articles on tantra and related subjects through the art of India at

A page with a huge range of links to texts, audio files and even whole E-books on non-dual spirituality and tantra is here; Tantra - The Art of Philosophy at has good, writing and great images on tantra.

A site from a Romanian tantrika with excellent articles on tantra and yoga is:

A thoughtful and well-informed Ebook on tantra by a Jungian therapist is at

Two more kriya yoga sites are by Dr. John Mumford and his followers on kriya yoga in New York at

Tantra Com which has some tips on tantra and a discussion section and lots of goodies.

The Kundalini Tantra Site on has some excellent and practical papers on tantra and Kundalini and some related matters.

Tantrika International is the home of Bodhi Avinasha on of the people who brought the Cobra Breath to sexual tantra - a co-author of The Jewel in the Lotus.

Excellent writings on tantra yoga by an American practitioner called Yogani is at:

Good blog on tantric subjects at:

A British Site from the Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist tradition the Aro’g’Ter which is Tibetan tantra at

A site with links to many of the tantra-yoga-kundalini sites, centres and information is

A site with some very interesting papers on what he calls Vamacara Tantra, particularly on ancient spirituality and the Goddess, by a kriya yoga practitioner, Roderick Marling is at

David Deida is a modern American with a deep understanding of sexuality, spirituality and relationships so all his writings are brilliant on this and very tantric. His website has free extracts from e-books.

A blog on tantra and transformation is at; but I’m biased, I write it!