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     Tantric KBabaji Portraitriya Yoga uses yogic techniques that can open you to states of dynamic bliss. Kriya Yoga encompasses disciplines such as Hatha Yoga, Raga, Nada, Laya, Pranayama Yogas and more.

     In tantra we embrace all. Tantric Kriya Yoga is a discipline embracing sexuality. Kriya means ‘action’, the conscious manipulation of energy through the body. Other tools used to compliment the Cobra Breath include: Mantras, Yantras, Bandhas, Mudras, Pranayam, Meditations and Maithuna. The results are measurable, predictable and repeatable.

    The breath pulls Shakti/magnetic energy into the spine, changing the electromagnetic properties of the cerebrospinal fluid, allowing Kundalini to move up the spine’. As the brain bathes in this charged fluid, the nervous system is transformed. You awaken to a new consciousness.

     The Kundalini is the life force, consciousness and sexual energy. As ‘it moves upwards, it enlightens you. During normal sex the energy flows downwards and drains you. Cobra breath reverses the flow of sexual energy and turns it into your most valuable resources. The secret teachings of many traditions use Kundalini energy to rejuvenate the body, empower the mind and awaken the soul.

     Tantra encourages us to be aware of and to enjoy the world we live in. By expanding our awareness we stretch the boundaries of our self-definition, and discover our higher nature. As we begin to experience our own divine nature we recognise it in others and in all.

Cobra Breath

     The Cobra Breath is the key to the practices of Tantric Kriya Yoga. This precious gift to humankind is from Mahavatar Babaji. Tantric Kriya Yoga, is distinguished by its focus on; transmuting energy, self-realisation in our daily reality; opening the third eye and using Kundalini as a spiritual resource. Transcendence has

been teaching this practice for 15 years.

     You can learn to amplify and transmute sexual energy becoming the choreographer of your life and energy. Lovemaking becomes a form of communion. Learn to be more intimate, connecting at the heart, mind as well as sexually and opening and transforming into a deep bond. Transforming lust into love. Meditation is a joyful, playful, not a serious business. A celebration of life affirming & honouring expression of divine human beings.

      We can rejuvenate the body. The hormones produced during sexual arousal are the real ‘elixir of youth’ by prolonging the arousal state in lovemaking or self-pleasure, you bathe your body cells in these youth-maintaining hormones, recycling that energy, using it for increased vitality and self-healing. Clearing Karma, karma as unconscious emotional residue stored in the body from incidents where the lessons were incomplete. The body being the temple of the soul. Realising old trauma trapped and creating space for more joy. Having fully activated Sexual Energy, being fully integrated and living in the present moment. Masters have described enlightenment as a perpetual orgasmic state.

     It is a most powerful tool that enables you to manifest fulfilment and prosperity in your life. Tantra means liberation through expansion, weaving together Energy/Shakti and Consciousness/Shiva. It is a spiritual path for attaining union with the Divine. Tantra is a practice in which we accept and use the nature of the mind, body, senses, sexuality and feelings, to help us evolve spiritually. Emotions are expressed appropriately and authentically. A sense of belonging and connecting to all that is. Living in ongoing state of Bliss. Access to the Universal knowledge.

     You can achieve an internal Balance of your Inner Female/Male aspects, (yin/yang, Shiva/Shakti). The left hemisphere of the brain being ‘male’; analytical, linear, verbal, abstract. The right ‘female’ being intuitive, holistic, sensual, practical. With practice we learn to use both aspects synergistically.

     The Cobra Breath opens the Third Eye by transmuting sexual energy. This provides the clarity and objectivity of witness consciousness to move quickly through emotional clearing, speeding up your spiritual development enormously. Instructions & Initiation are available from Transcendence to those who are ready to for this life transforming step which is a daily practice taking a maximum of ten minutes; perfect for a busy life. It can also be used in lovemaking to move the sexual energy up through the body; a key tantric practice.

The workshops in Tantric Kriya yoga are run by Martin who has been practising the Cobra Breath for over a decade. It takes a weekend to learn the practice as the body has to be prepared and some supporting practices are also taught.

Feedback from a recent Cobra Breath  workshop:

“Everything seems so much more sparkly and vivid. Remarkable.”

“Thank you for sharing your passion for teaching and the Loving sensitive way in which you passed on your wisdom and knowledge of the Cobra breath. I was able to absorb all the learning of the technique in a very relaxed and peaceful way and could feel the transmission of the energy throughout my body; which feels incredibly expansive and full of light. I also feel a deep sense of awareness and openness. There was a lovely pace and flow throughout the weekend and a beautiful balance of practices.” CH

 “It is impossible to explain fully how different I feel, more energised, more aware, more real, more alive and that does only just begin to touch on the real, measurable changes I am experiencing after just four days of adding Cobra Breath into my daily routine... “

Feedback from an earlier Cobra Breath workshop.

Wow! What an amazing weekend, thank you both so much…. I feel great after doing 28 cobra breaths this morning, not buzzing as I thought I would be, but calm, steady and clear headed” AL

Sunyata Saraswati, the person who wrote the book The Jewel in the Lotus and made the Cobra Breath available died in May 2014. There is an interview with him Here.

 Sunyata Saraswati was introduced to Yoga as a child by Paramahansa Yogananda when he was a young boy.  For more than ten years, Sunyata went to India almost every summer and studied all the aspects of Yoga. He furthered his study on Kriya Yoga, In the 1960s Sunyata was introduced to Tai Chi  and then Qi Gong. He devoted over forty years to the study and the practices of Yoga  In 1978, he was given the title of Goswami in Bahiar India (Lineage Holder of Babaji's Tantric Kriya Yoga)

Tantric Kriya Yoga and Cobra Breath