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Our couples workshops are a progressive training suitable for couples who are new to tantra as well as those who are already on their tantric journey together. Over the fourteen years we have run this training we have couples who have been together a matter of weeks and couples who have been married for over 35 years. The only requirement is that you want to go deeper into love together.

What will the training do for us as a couple?

Transform lovemaking into Divine communion, bliss and ecstasy

Resonate together at all chakras

Unify your sexual and spiritual selves

Create healing and deeper intimacy

Discover practical methods to connect, heal and transform, to use at home

Enhance love and fulfilment in the relationship

Become soul mates; connecting together at the levels of sex, heart, spirit

Tantra is much more than sex, but sex is a powerful tool and bond for couples.

In these workshops we will be using tantric ritual to honour each other in the couple as a God and Goddess, as well as learning practical techniques to use together during and after the workshop. Through our partner we can move beyond duality into blissful union with the divine.

We will be using dance and movement as well as the traditional yogic tools of mantras, yantras, bandhas, mudras and pranayam and ritual to connect with our energy and bring that into our connection with our love partner.

Part 1 Intimacy

Part 2  Love and Healing  

Part 3  Surrender into Bliss  

Each weekend gives many delicious homeplay practices between workshops and the whole training will provide many experiences and tools for transforming your relationship using the ancient practices of tantra; the yoga of relationships.


Deepening Love; our Couples Tantra Training


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