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Martin TantraWelcome and Namaste,

Traditional tantra starts from consciousness and presence as the essential qualities for practice and a tantric life. We run tantra and tantra-yoga workshops with that foundation. You can then include energy practices, including sexual practices.  You can;

•  Use tantra to connect to Spirit and to deepen your relationships

•  Integrate sexuality and spirituality

•  Find more bliss and joy in life

•  Experience the sacredness of Life, your partner and others, in every moment.

Together with my beloved colleagues, all of whom I have known for over ten years through their involvement with tantra, I offer workshops and individual sessions at our Centre near Salisbury and in Central London. Coaching is available for Couples and exceptional individuals in tantra using traditional methods such as mantras and ritual plus some modern approaches to tantra. The course, in our own Centre near London, is fun, safe and a total immersion experience in tantra. We only work with small groups; maximum eight couples so we can give individual attention. Most groups are around 12 people. The changes many people have experienced are profound. Workshops for the next year are on our Calendar Page Click Here.

Couples Tantra Training; Deepening Love is the name for our couples tantra training of four weekend workshops using tantra to deepen your relationship. This training has been run for 12 years and is  deeply nurturing to  give committed couples tantric practices for their life together. The first weekend is 12th - 14th September and all four are weekend workshops with Martin and Sally. This is the start of our four part couples tantra training which runs through to next June.

We have two different  Tantric Massage Workshops with Martin and Cassandra . The first is for Lovers on 26th - 28th September and the second has a focus on Healing massage on 24th - 26th October.

Tantric Kriya Yoga and Cobra Breath initiation to help transmute sexual energy and open to the Divine through the body.The Cobra Breath practice takes less than ten minutes so is suitable for people with busy lives. This residential weekend workshop will be 10th - 12th October with Martin and Cathy. Sunyata Saraswati who wrote the book The Jewel in the Lotus and who opened up the Cobra Breath died in May. There is a video interview with him Here.

Sexual Healing Workshop for Women to support deep healing from wounding and improved connection to your own unique sexuality with Cassandra and Martin.

Tantra for Individuals is our weekend workshop for people not in a partnership to get a taste of Transcendence’s approach to tantra.



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What is Tantra?

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12th - 14th September;

Deepening Love; Tantra for Couples.


26th - 28th September;

Tantric Massage  for Lovers


10th - 12th October;

  Cobra Breath; Tantric Kriya Yoga.


Wednesday 15th October;

Women’s Healing.


24th - 26th October;

Tantric Healing Massage.


7th - 9th November;

  Transcendence Tantra for Individuals

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